Multicultural Studies

Mrs. Ponce DeLeon with students

Valuing and celebrating diversity is a tenet of Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation and an important part of our school’s tradition and mission. We provide different opportunities for all of our students to learn more about their fellow students and other world cultures as a way of preparing our students for college and career readiness in a global society.

Over the last several weeks, our elementary schools have been studying different cultures around the world. We encourage students to embrace and share about their culture all year long, but even more so, during our units of study in May. 

Mrs. Ponce DeLeon, one of our ENL aides who speaks fluent Spanish, led our ENL students ina  cultural unit of study about the diverse cultures that are a part of the Horizon community. Students shared their projects about their cultures and taught staff some new Spanish, Korean, and Arabic words!