Student of the Month-November

Posted on December 2, 2021

Each month our teachers recognize one student in their class that exemplifies the Lifeline that we are focusing on for that month.  During the month of November,  we focused on the lifeline of Gratitude. Gratitude can best be defined as the readiness to show appreciation for things received and not needing to constantly seek more. These students, according to their classroom teachers, best exemplify this lifeline. Join us in congratulating these students. 

November Students of the Month-Gratitude


  • Mrs. Curry-Ashton Odom
  • Mrs. McCambridge-Kyle Bauer
  • Mrs. Schieman-Norah Thomas
  • Mrs. VanDuyn-Brock Wilkey

First Grade

  • Mrs.-Dussel-Aubree McCoy
  • Mrs. Hapke-Addie Petersen
  • Mrs. Hartline-Leana Konstantinidi
  • Mrs. Hollinger-Cole Schieman

Second Grade

  • Ms. Krueger-Caleb Eck
  • Mrs. Danksy-Alexander McCavitt
  • Mrs. Moore-Ava Stepp
  • Mrs. Rice-Leia Hamilton
  • Mrs. Roberts-Claire Burggraf

Third Grade

  • Mrs. Cussen-Seth Taylor
  • Mrs. Marks-Kasey Kobold-Perkins
  • Mrs. Messer-Cami Paiano
  • Mrs. Pressler-Madeline Smith
  • Mrs. Zache-Kayleigh Anton

Fourth Grade

  • Mrs. Briones-Chase Rerick
  • Mr. Budd-Clara Gillin
  • Mrs. Lira-Evelyn Mitchell
  • Mrs. Pond-Anica Gensic
  • Mrs. Rehlander-Amilia Lankford

Fifth Grade

  • Mrs. Coletti-Bentley (Travis) Baird
  • Mrs. Nowak-Max Nettrouer
  • Mrs. Osbeck-Kennedy Lundquist
  • Mrs. Shenk-Ella Gour

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