Student of the Month-October

Posted on November 5, 2020

Each month our teachers recognize one student in their class that exemplifies the Lifeline that we are focusing on for that month.  During the month of October,  we focused on the lifeline of Organization. Organization can best be defined as the ability to organize your resources to best accomplish whatever task you are asked to complete. These students, according to their classroom teachers, best exemplify this lifeline. Join us in congratulating these students. 

October Students of the Month-Organization


  • Schieman –Kori Rogers
  • McCambridge–Madison Szerszen 
  • VanDuyn–Harrison Smith
  • Curry—Izabela Stackowicz 

First Grade

  • Ayva VanOverberghe-Hartline
  • Greysen McCavitt-Hapke
  • Abby Kuelbs-Hollinger
  • Mathias Mendoza-Dussel

Second Grade

  • Krueger- Mariesa Nicely
  • Rice- Connor Post
  • Dansky -Mallory Folley
  • Roberts-Calder Demitruk
  • Moore- Brayden Werner

Third Grade

  • Ada Zeidenberg-Parkhill-Pressler
  • AJ Balthes-Messer
  • Shania Lee-Marks
  • Taggart Hurst-Cussen
  • Thomas Eubank-Martens/Zache

Fourth Grade

  • Emma Farrar-Pond
  • Briones – Higgins Haq
  • Budd – Lily Wozniak
  • Lira – Lena Carlson
  • Rehlander – Cruser Forsgren

Fifth Grade

  • Ariana Ealdama-Osbeck
  • Molly Breden-Nowak
  • Liam Fouts-Shenk
  • Danika Olesen-Coletti

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