Student of the Month-September

Posted on October 29, 2020

Each month our teachers recognize one student in their class that exemplifies the Lifeline that we are focusing on for that month.  In September,  we focused on the lifeline of Flexibility. Flexibility can best be defined as the ability to change willingly and go along with those changes without too much disruption. 

These students, according to their teachers, best exemplify this ability. Join us in celebrating their students: 


  • Oliver Wood-Schieman
  • Andrew Hoffman-McCambridge
  • Maddox Redd-Curry
  • Sawyer Leis-VanDuyn

First Grade

  • Leana Konstantinidi-Hartline
  • Everett McCambridge-Hollinger
  • Sophia Werner-Hapke
  • Gracelynn Mueller-Dussel

Second Grade

  • Barrett Daly-Dansky
  • Mason Kuczmanski-Rice
  • Amelia Jelinski-Roberts
  • Kylie Dilts-Krueger
  • Ben Stefaniak-Moore

Third Grade

  • Avery Wagner-Cussen
  • Elliana Rodriguez-Zache/Martens
  • Drago Vaughn-Pressler
  • Elizabeth Singleton -Messer
  • Hudson Stopczynski-Marks

Fourth Grade

  • Landon Uselton-Pond
  • Chloe Wright-Budd
  • Evan Felix-Rehlander
  • Jack Richmond -Lira
  • Kyleigh Herring-Briones

Fifth Grade

  • Tammie Payne-Shenk
  • Marco Mendoza-Coletti
  • Macy Maslowski-Nowak
  • Taylor Demitruk-Osbeck


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