August/September Student of the Month

Posted on October 1, 2018

Student of the Month is a great way for the teachers to show how much they appreciate and respect students that live out the lifelines that we try to instill in them. 

The teachers in each grade level, select one student (at times more than 1) each month from their classrooms that model the chosen lifeline(s) for that month.  August and September’s Lifelines were: Organization and Initiative. 

Organization is the efficient and orderly approach to tasks. Students who model this lifeline approach their classroom tasks in an efficient and orderly manner. 

Initiative is the power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do or more simply doing something without being told to do it.  Students who model this lifeline saw a task that needed to be done and took it upon themselves to see it to completion. 

Therein lies the beauty of these awards: it doesn't have anything to do with grades or accomplishments. It shows how important it is to “be yourself”.

 1st grade award winners for Initiative:


1st grade award winners for Organization: 


2nd grade winners for both Organization and Initiative:


3rd grade winners for Initiative:


3rd grade winners for Organization:


4th grade winners for Initiative:

4th grade winners for Organization:


5th grade winners for both Initiative and Organization:


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