#Kindness Rocks

Posted on September 14, 2017

To start the school year off on a successful note, an idea was sparked by our principal and smART Committee to create our own Kindness Rocks.

This is a concept that started as one person’s way of dealing with their own grief and loss, and to share a message of kindness with others. In turn, this has sparked a nationwide campaign.

Here at Horizon, we wanted to share the same message of kindness. So we asked each student and staff member to design a rock with a positive message on it. They are displayed in the front landscape of our school as a visual way to share our words, images, and our heart with the community. 

Here is the result: 

Horizon Kindness Mural

Here are a few close up shots of some of the messages.

Kindness Rock 1

Horizon Kindness 2

Come and see if you can find your child’s rock and share it with others who might need the word of encouragement. PLEASE do not step onto the mulch area if you are viewing the rocks.  Stay on the grass.  Thank you!

When you share on your social media outlets, please include the following hashtags: #HorizonKindnessRocks #PHMExcellence #HorizonSuns

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