TriMathlon Competition Results

Posted on November 28, 2016

Academic excellence is one of Horizon’s great traditions.  Recently, we had several Horizon students participate in the Granger Mathnasium’s  annual “TriMathlon” (math competition).  We’d like to congratulate the following winners and participants – we’re very proud of them!

2nd Grade:  Melody Matviyiv (2nd place), Cathlyn Kulba (3rd place), Allison Mead, Greyson Gobel, Cole Brownewell, Elle Ingle, Rayna Doland, Scarlett Gobel


3rd Grade:  Mikan Gensic


4th Grade:  Benjamin Stewart (1st place), William Barnes (3rd place), Emma Mead, Kyla Yoder, Alina Luck


5th Grade:  Michelle Yuan (1st place), Gracen Stewart (3rd place), Dylan Ryback


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