Rick Glassman Visit

Posted on November 23, 2016

Students were given the treat of having Mr. Rick Glassman, Environmental Education Coordinator, come to Horizon and inform students about things about the environment to enhance their Scientific learning. The students always look forward to seeing Mr. Glassman and the humorous way he introduces scientific concepts. 

Kindergarten students were introduce to “Jethro”, a character of Mr. Glassman’s creation. 

1st grade students discussed Earthworms and their role in our ecosystem. 2nd Grade students discussed insects and how vital they are to the circle of life . 3rd grade students talked about Invasive Species and the toll they take on the environment in our area. 4th grade students talked about the different types of soils in Indiana  and 5th grade students talked about Wetland Life. 

Mr. Glassman will be back in February. 

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